Relics is a beautifully rendered real time roguelite dungeon adventure game. You play, Turok, a resident of Zinambra who discovers a mysterious relic of unknown power! Explore the country side and negotiate with tribal leaders as you attempt to locate the hidden burial chambers containing the remaining relics you seek. Can you gather the relics before looters get their hands on them ?

Game Features:

- Incredibly detailed graphics transport you into a whole new world.

- Explore towns and wilderness above ground.

- Discover forgotten catacombs, dungeons and caves below ground.

- Battle melee, ranged and magical creatures to stay alive !

- Find unusual magical weapons and armor.

- Speak with NPC's to aid you on your quest.

- Solve mysteries while avoiding menacing traps.

- Negotiate with tribal leaders to help locate secret places.

Technical Features:

- Full mouse and keyboard support for easy interaction.

- Real time tactical based combat encourages careful exploration.

- Beautiful lighting effects create a memorable atmosphere.

- Original musical score encourages you to push forward !

- High quality sound effects put you in the action.

- Battle enemies with unique behaviours and attack styles.

- Hand crafted levels with procedually generated loot and enemies.

- Create a unique character all your own.